6739 Golden Valley Rd
Golden Valley, Minnesota 55427

Oasis Program:   763-544-1447
Bill Kelly House:  612-726-1502
Stevens House:   612-872-9035

Bill Kelly House

Bill Kelly House is a 16 bed Intensive Residential Treatment Service (IRTS). At Bill Kelly House treatment activities are centered around Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment (IDDT).

The majority of individuals served are dual diagnosed individuals with both a mental illness diagnosis and a substance abuse diagnosis.

    Core Treatment includes:
  • medication administration and management
  • illness management and recovery skills
  • chemical health treatment
  • crisis assistance
  • nursing services
  • inter-agency case coordination
  • and participant transition and discharge planning

Bill Kelly House has 4 double rooms and 8 single rooms.

    Bill Kelly House has the following groups that individuals are expected to attend:
  • Morning Mental Health Group
  • Chemical Health Group
  • Stress Management Group
  • Goal Setting Group
  • Housing Group
  • Social Skills and Assertiveness Group
  • Resource Group
  • House Meeting
  • and Recreational Activities

Bill Kelly House is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services as an Intensive Residential Treatment Service and by the Minnesota Department of Health as Supervised Living Facility.

Placement & Length of Stay
For placement, persons must be 18 years of age or older. They must have had a physical examination within 30 days of admission and have a current psychiatric diagnosis. Length of stay is 90 days, and approval beyond 90 days has to be authorized by Department of Human Services or the assigned public health plan. Individuals are also responsible to pay monthly room and board costs.

Bill Kelly House is located in South Minneapolis near the airport. Bill Kelly House is located next to Bossen Park and bus transportation is nearby.

Referrals can be made by contacting:
Treatment Director
Kellyn Kussart
Phone: (612) 726-1502

Records can be faxed (612) 726-1009; past history, diagnosis, medications, and other information.

Interviews & Waiting Lists
Face-to-face interviews are conducted with the individual prior to placement on the waiting list. Interested parties can call to check on waiting lists and availability.